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Over the years my work has been covered by media including the BBC,  NOLA.com, BBC 5 Radio, The New Yorker, Offbeat Magazine, WTUL 91.5 fm, Kingfish Magazine and also by scholarly publications including  MetroPolitics EU and the book  News Evolution or Revolution?: The Future of Print Journalism in the Digital Age from Peter Lang Publishing.

“If you’re open to it, New Orleans will teach you about yourself, but if you want to hide from who you really are, the city will help you do that, too.” Laurell K. Hamilton

Who is Loki, and why should I go on a tour with him?

George “Loki” Williams is they way my byline usually appears. I’m a French Creole native of the city whose family arrived in 1718. I was raised in the Garden District amidst the live oaks and  Spanish moss. I bring to bear extensive experience with the New Orleans hospitality scene having worked for local icons such as WWOZ Jazz and Heritage Radio, The Tipitinas Foundation, House of Blues, and Commanders Palace among others. I was also the founder and producer of the Silver Machine series of events which showcased local/underground art and music from 1999 to 2003 and the producer of the Anne Rice Vampire Lestat Fan Club’s Tenth Anniversary Halloween Ball. Many of the historic homes in the city were built by or owned by members of my family. Indeed a number of my relatives such as famed Storyville photographer E.J. Bellocq and Marie Laveau as are featured in some of my tours.  I currently offer Garden District, Cemetery, French Quarter, and Adult History tours as well as Custom Adventures crafted to suit your needs and interests. Drop me a line and let’s hit the streets together!

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Lafayette Cemetery #1


As a journalist and RPG designer am proud to have been part of teams
that have earned the following awards:

  • Silver ENnies in 2005 and 2007 for Planewalker.com
  • Bulldog Reporter Award in 2008 for the ”Blog Buddy” campaign for AMACOM Books
  • Webby Award in 2008 for OSI’s Katrina: an UnNatural Disaster
  • ENnie nomination in 2013 for Dark Roads and Golden Hells from Open Design/Kobold Press.

“In the spring of 1988, I returned to New Orleans, and as soon as I smelled the air, I knew I was home. It was rich, almost sweet, like the scent of jasmine and roses around our old courtyard. I walked the streets, savoring that long lost perfume.” Anne Rice,  Interview With the Vampire

“Here one finds the narrow streets with overhanging balconies, the beautiful wrought-iron and cast-iron railings, the great barred doors and tropical courtyards. Many of these fine houses are more than a century and a quarter old, and they stand today as monuments to their forgotten architects. For it must be remembered that New Orleans was a Latin city already a century old before it became a part of the United States; and it was as unlike the American cities along the Atlantic seaboard as though Louisiana were on another continent. Federal Writers’ Project, New Orleans City Guide, 1938.